Mottley Kitchen 4 Day Tour

Mottley Kitchen housed an event that broke the ice between independence and collaboration. They got ,Empanology, The Bx Barista, Tripla Panna Ice Cream, Espresso State of Mind and me (The Bronxer) to get together and collaborate on showing Bronx locals a culinary nights of Empanadas, Ice Cream, Coffee and free portraits.

My work made it to Amsterdam!


Several months ago I was contacted by someone through E-mail. At first the message was roughly vague. He wanted to know If I was willing to submit my Bronx images for a publication that he was working on. I sat on that offer for a while because i did not know who he was until I did some research on him. Then later to find out, This man was the director for MENDO, a book store in Amsterdam that publishes many issues through out the year. very photo heavy content but also very inspiring. After a week of pondering I decided top take the offer. Then a few months later I got a Book in the mail. 

King Of The Hill

This day was a very strong and and athletic evening. Seeing riders coming from all boroughs of NYC come to compete against each other for the title of "King Of The Hill"