Hello, my name is Alex Rivera; Owner and founder of "The Bronxer LLC". Let me tell you a little but not too much about what I do and what I am trying to achieve with "The Bronxer LLC".

I was born and raised in the Bronx and later on throughout my childhood acquired a taste for design, art and photography. From that I pursued to actually study Art & Design at Bronx Community College. I graduated with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design and Photography. From college I jumped straight into internships and jobs that catered to my field of expertise.   


The internship that stuck with me the most was shadowing at "TEN TON STUDIOS" with world known National Geographic Photographer "Robert Clark". Every visit to that studio, I would learn something new (in detail). I learned how anything can be broken down and portrayed in a million ways through photography and a story to back it up.

This gave me an idea; why not take my skills and the things I've learned at "TEN TON STUDIOS" and apply them to The Bronx, my home. My goal is to take the Bronx and show the world the raw beauty it holds one photograph at a time. To a very low degree I want to change the way the Bronx is perceived throughout New York City and hopefully the world.