Randalls Views

I decided to take a walk through Randalls Island and all it did was make me want to fly.

Summer Done Right Recap

I'm gunna say it one more time. Thanks everyone once again for throwing such a dope event! : Shout out to @thebronxbrewery for putting things into play and also @thebloxtv for putting euphoria out in the air, hosting skills are on point. @bornjuice for letting the Bronx know what health taste like 😉 Also a hard clap for @thebronxnative for putting there Bronx merch out there. Last but not least @lanewyorkina for making summer days feel like a day at the beach.

A Nomadic Series

-First stop on the "Nomadic Series" Is Hunts Point! : What makes you a Bronxer? : A humongous thank you to @shooterjav_fame for helping me film and assist with creating this piece and @trackordienyc for volunteering and being an amazing model and representative of the Bronx.